The Self-Collected is a band

The Self-Collected was born in a world where the very nature of truth is in question. Nothing is straight these days, so why should music be? Our goal is to make sense of it all by exploring rhythmic landscapes that combine elements of psych, soul, grunge, shoegaze, blues, and more – the music that has shaped our lives. Our sound is our own, and our message is simple: There are known truths in this universe, there is love to share and harmony is possible.


The Self-Collected is composed of four expat musicians from the US, Sweden, and the UK, who came together on the Prague music scene. We want to tell the story of the modern world, in all of its dystopian, confusing splendor.

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One guy once said:

“I was recently walking down the hall of the Bandzone practice spaces and from behind the door, I heard fantastic music full of piano, interesting drum grooves and convincing singing with great English. It made me want to get to know the fellas and learn more about their band. The recording that they have on is just a small sample of the the mosaic that represents their work. Catch them live somewhere, you’ll be glad!”

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